We spend most of our time with our face in a screen -- the laptop, the tablet, or the smartphone, all day, every day. And I can bet you, it’s one of those screens that you see first thing in the morning, and the last thing in the dark before you sleep. There’s so much to browse, read, and watch online to the point where the digital world is becoming overly-condensed with content and information. There’s just too much out there!


This creates both a dilemma and an opportunity for people like us, who create the kind of content people look at throughout the day. A dilemma, because consumer trends are moving and changing at shocking speed -- but more of an opportunity, because we’re forced as creatives to really think about staying relevant, and keeping our work above the surface in the ocean of content out there. Question is, how?

  1. Your content really needs to be engaging:

You want people to remember you -- to subscribe to you to keep coming back for more. That won’t happen if your content is as boring as watching water evaporate. Give your audience something they’ll not only enjoy, and for heaven’s sake, keep the variety coming! Shock them, evoke their empathy, make them laugh, baffle them, make them question... Keep them hooked.


  1. Always focus on storytelling

Your content shouldn’t be just about selling your products and features and options. Your content should also focus on sharing your vision and displaying deeper values that your audience can actually relate to. It doesn’t have to be ‘Once Upon a Time’, but we’re all suckers for a good story, especially if it touches people on a level they understand.


  1. Research and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies

There are soooooo many different ways to reach your audience, so why limit your options to one or two? Let’s see… Facebook offers 360 degree videos now that give whole new perspectives on products and places. There are Facebook live videos, stories, and snazzy new status-update apparatuses. Likewise with Instagram, snapchat, tumblr… and don’t forget synchronizing accounts so you dispatch to multiple platforms all at once. What you need to do is  decide which platform and technology is best suited to you, and helps you deliver your message. Keeping up with the latest trends will not only help you reach your targets, but people way beyond.


  1. Be consistent but also agile

It’s good to have a structure of sorts --  people likes the comfort of knowing you will publish at a particular given time. Build your structure, be consistent in your scheduling, and establish a process and that you (and others) can follow. BUT you must remember that the only reason you’re developing this structure is to hoard invaluable feedback from your audiences -- make sure you study feedback and adjust your process and content accordingly.

  1. You’re on social media -- so you have to be kinda social :)

The internet is a two way communication channel --  you’re not putting your content up there for yourself, obviously, so you really need to make sure you’re interacting with the audience you’re publishing that content for. That means you have to answer their queries, rely to general comments, be social, friendly, and do what it takes to contribute to the voice of your brand.


  1. Is your stuff mobile-friendly?

Someone once told me people are investing more in their phones than they are in their laptops. Their phone screens now have higher specs than laptops, since more time is spent on them. This means only one thing -- your content has to cater to that technology, and the choice of the masses. There’s no argument; make sure your stuff is mobile-friendly.


  1. Create content aimed for sharing

Back in the day, there was no better marketing strategy than good old word-of-mouth -- that’s still the case now, except it’s more word-of-digital. The secret? Your content needs to be relatable, aimed for sharing. Find ways to entice your audience to share your content, tag their friends, and discuss it in digital and physical circles. This means multiple facets of exposure for you.


-- Heba ElKest, Head of Content


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