A Bit of Wizardry and a lot of Talent

Most companies kick-off with a grand idea — an epiphany, a crazy notion in the shower or jotted down on a napkin somewhere. We, however, weren’t exactly borne through a big-bang as such. The genesis of our agency happened a little differently, where it came together after years of observing what companies and entities are doing with their content. And so we had one sole purpose — righting the wrongs we discovered. As the digital revolution unfolds around us at startling speed, we feel obligated to make sure people utilize the digital space the right way. Nothing makes us cringe more than watching clients with great potential deliver bad content. It's our job to step in, and create things to help them out.

We're Collaborators

Because we are a digital agency, a great deal of our work is with social media. We see and use it as a medium — a means to an end, but never the end itself. That's where our creations come in. We spend our days making things that we believe will change the status quo for our clients, and linger well into their future. Our philosophy is to stay adaptable to future technological change; retain a dimension of intelligence in all our work, and remain distinctive. We’re more than just an agency—we’re collaborators, and like to think of our clients as colleagues and friends. While we might disrupt tradition and upset a few people with our unconventional ways, what we care about the most is doing things right — minimize the bullshit, maximize creativity, and empower one another to do things spot on, on time, every time.

The Factory's Fabric

We've been around for 3 years. In that short period of time, our work has spoken for itself. And if there’s one other thing that sets us apart from the ever-widening circle of agencies in Egypt, it's our unique collection of individuals -- a squad made up from different talents, disciplines, backgrounds, ages and places, that somehow (despite the odds) fit together. In that sense, we’re a little like a modern-day Adam’s Family, but a lot more down to earth, fun to be around, and far less spooky. We value our team above everything -- they're the patchwork that keeps everything together, with a little bit of wizardry and a lot of talent. And they’re here to take your company places.

Our Team

Meet the boundary-pushers. Teamwork is the only way we work, and these are the people that come together every day to generate incredible ideas, get results, and unleash their creativity on the world.

Our Team


Interested in collaborating? So are we :)